Music Producer Questions

As a music producer why should I submit an instrumental?

First off as an up and coming music producer having your music heard and your image noticed is key. At we help you achieve your goal by getting your music infront of as many people as we can through our various social media outlets. This in turn adds to more leads, a greater seo footprint, potential sales and of course more exposure for your music.

SEO footprint...what's that?

A SEO footprint is the imprint you leave on the internet that can be used to trace your activity through various sites. When you submit an instrumental to we will create a properly tagged youtube video containing links in the description section that point to your website(s). Since we are a verified youtube partner with a steadily growing subscription base these backlinks will positively impact your seo footprint. Which will in turn lead to a higher score and ranking for your website(s) on youtube and google search.

Your form to submit an instrumental is not displaying?

First try clicking here if that doesn't work then you may need to update your internet browser

What audio format(s) do you accept?

We only accept .wav cd quality (16 bit 44.1 khz) or MP3 high quality (320 kbps)

How many instrumentals/beats can I submit?

If you are a Beat Juice customer and you used any Beat Juice Vocal Sample in your beat! then you can submit an unlimited amount of instrumentals as long as they sound professionally

Do you accept every instrumental no matter the quality of the composition?

No, we are looking for catchy professionally produced instrumentals. Please be advised we will not accept inferior low quality or non-musical compositions.

Do you accept a tagged instrumental?

Yes, we do accept tagged instrumentals however untagged instrumentals tend to get more plays and downloads.

What is a "tagged" instrumental?

A tagged instrumental is an audio watermarked version of an instrumental that is intended for listening and demonstration purposes only.

What are the required dimensions for the custom video picture/art?

The custom video picture dimensions are 1920 pixels in width by 1080 pixels in height.

What if I don't have or want a custom video picture/art?

That's perfectly fine this feature is optional so we will upload a picture for you.

Will you contact me when you upload my instrumental video?

Yes, when we are done uploading your instrumental video to our channel we will contact you by email or through one of your social media outlets.

It's been over a week and my instrumental video is still not on your Youtube Channel?

If it's been longer than a week then your instrumental has most likely not been accepted. We contact all our producers once we have uploaded there instrumental video.

I see my Instrumental video on your channel but I never got a notification email?

Check your junk/spam mail folder. Sometimes our notification email will get filtered into your junk mail (allow for or Also try checking your other social media accounts because we may not have your email on file.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes, at We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information received will only be used to showcase your submitted Instrumental. We may also use your personal information for internal analytical purposes. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.

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Artist/Multimedia Developer Questions

Can I use an instrumental I downloaded from your youtube channel on my next cd or mix-tape?

No, all instrumentals downloaded from our Youtube channel are for non-profit use only. If you want to purchase a license to use the instrumental for profit than you will have to contact the producer.

I would like to purchase a license to use an instrumental that I downloaded from

That's great! I'm sure the producer of the instrumental will be thrilled. You can find all the producer's contact information in the description section of the Youtube video where you originally downloaded the instrumental.

Are samples used in any of your downloadable instrumentals?

That's a good question but you will have to ask the producer of the instrumental to get your answer. You can find the producer's contact information in the description section of the Youtube video where you originally downloaded the instrumental.

How do I download an Instrumental?

Go to the Youtube video of the instrumental you want to download and under where it say's "DOWNLOAD INSTRUMENTAL:" click the link. You will be sent to a webpage on our website where you can download the instrumental. If a default music player is displayed just right click on it and choose the "Save As" option.

Other questions?

Please feel free to email us at: and we will try to get back to you as fast as we can.

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